Backups are your last line of defense. Don't let them get infected by ransomware! CryptoSafeGuard is a BackupAssist tool that protects backups from ransomware attack and prevents ransomware-encrypted files from being backed up. CryptoSafeGuard is available for BackupAssist 10.1 (or newer) users with valid BackupCare.

What is Ransomware?

  • Ransomware is a type of malicious malware. Once your system is infected, it denies you access to your files and apps until you pay the ransom.
  • Ransomware is a serious threat to all businesses worldwide, no matter the size. In 2015, ransomware attacks were just at 3.8 million. One year later, this number skyrocketed to over 638 million.*
  • Many businesses hit by ransomware have been forced to close down. But ransomware has one big weakness.
  • If you've got clean backups, you can wipe the infected system and restore your data, all without paying ransom!
  • But ransomware is smart. It knows backups are it's weakness. So it looks for ways to encrypt your backups so that you can't use them. That's where CryptoSafeGuard comes in - actively protecting your backups from ransomware infection.

What CryptoSafeGuard Does

CryptoSafeGuard protects your backups from ransomware like CryptoLocker or WannaCry, by stopping infected files from being backed up and prevents your backups from being encrypted

To protect your systems against ransomware attacks, it’s critical that you have reliable backups so you can restore data or recover your entire system to ensure business continuity. However, when ransomware attacks your systems, it can also infect your backups, leaving them unusable. CryptoSafeGuard protects your backups from ransomware using two important features: the CryptoSafeGuard Detector and the CryptoSafeGuard Protector.

CryptoSafeGuard Detector - prevents infected files from being backed up. When a backup job starts, BackupAssist scans the data being backed up. If there is any sign of a possible ransomware infection, all backup jobs will be blocked from running, and email and SMS alerts will be sent if configured. If your job backs up Hyper-V guests, the CryptoSafeGuard Detector will also scan the contents of those Hyper-V guests in one pass.

This scan errs on the side of caution so it may flag files as possibly infected, when they are not infected. If this happens, you will be able to whitelist these files so that BackupAssist knows they are safe, and will not flag them again.

CryptoSafeGuard Protector - protects your existing backups from ransomware. CryptoSafeGuard protects your backups from ransomware by allowing only BackupAssist to create, delete or update data in your backups. This feature runs automatically in the background when CryptoSafeGuard is enabled.

Note: CryptoSafeGuard detects signs of a ransomware infection. It does not protect the actual system from ransomware, or remove ransomware.

How Do I Get CryptoSafeGuard?

CryptoSafeGuard is part of our BackupCare service, along with
priority IT Support and free product updates. You must also have a purchased version of the BackupAssist Core Module.

However, you can try both CryptoSafeGuard and BackupAssist
out for free as part of our fully featured, 30-day trial.

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