BackupAssist Exchange Granular

While the BackupAssist core product provides the ability to backup your entire Exchange Server's Storage Group and Information store, the BackupAssist Exchange Granular add-on provides more granularity to backups by extracting mailbox and public folder data from the server into an archive of standard Outlook PST files grouped by user in a month/quarter/year folder structure.

BackupAssist's restore console can then be used to quickly and easily recover the entire contents of - or specific items within - users' Exchange mailboxes. The recovered information can then be re-imported directly in to the Exchange Server or exported and mounted within Outlook as a PST file.

If you are using BackupAssist to backup an Exchange Server, this add-on is highly recommended and can be used to backup multiple Exchange servers.

BackupAssist SQL Continuous Add-on

BackupAssist’s SQL Backup Engine allows you to backup specific SQL databases or complete SQL servers with a choice of either daily or near-continuous (up to every 5 minutes) backups. Key benefits include:-
  • Backup any number of local or remote (networked) SQL Servers from one machine
  • Choose between daily backups or near-continuous data protection
  • Capture a "live snapshot" of your databases, so the SQL Server can be running during the backup
  • Perform Transaction-log backups of your SQL databases for specific point-in-time restoration of databases
  • Restore an entire SQL server or individual databases using the built-in SQL Restore utility

Cloud Backup Addon

Provide an extra layer of protection to your backup strategy by backing up your files, folders and applications to your choice of either a private cloud destination (a remote NAS for example) or a public cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure.

'Public' Cloud Backup - Overview

  • Suitable for files, folders and applications of all sizes
  • Support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure
  • Fast, efficient incremental backup
  • Compression and deduplication
  • Insulated encryption (AES-256)
  • Automatic resume if interrupted

'Private' Cloud Backup - Overview

  • NEW - Support for WebDav destinations
  • Support for rsync destinations (NAS and rsync servers)
  • Backup seeds
  • Incremental updates
  • Strong AES-256 encryption

BackupAssist Hyper-V Advanced add-on

The BackupAssist Hyper-V Advanced add-on makes the whole process of Hyper-V backup and restore amazingly simple.

From a single image backup of the physical host, you can quickly and easily restore the complete server, individual VMs, or even files and folders within the VMs. When used with a local destination that supports deferential imaging - such as HDD, USB, iSCSI - you can maintain a large version history making it easy to restore a missing file from within any of your Hyper-V virtual machines even after weeks of changes.

It's also no problem to migrate a VM as the same image backup can be used to restore a snapshot of the whole VM to a new host.

The Hyper-V Granular Restore Console add-on does not require any agents to be installed on the VM and is licensed per physical host, making it a very cost effective solution for Hyper-V environments.

BackupAssist Tape Archiving add-on

This add-on is only needed where you are running BackupAssist on Windows 2008 Server (or later) and are intending to use a tape device as your backup destination. In this instance you would configure your backup a Zip backup job and choose the tape as the destination.

Although tape drives have been popular in the past, these days we recommend switching away from tape drives to removeable hard drives.

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