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Fact sheets

Need to find answers fast? Our Fact Sheets are designed to show you how BackupAssist works with your specific backup media choice.

Hyper-V Fact Sheet

Rsync Internet Backup

Bandwidth efficient, secure Internet backup using the popular Rsync protocol


  • Your choice of where to host your data
  • Two modes of operation: simple mirror, or backup with history
  • Secure, set and forget Internet backups
View: PDF
Hyper-V Fact Sheet

The BackupAssist Hyper-V Granular Restore Add-on

A simple method of backing up Hyper-V that saves time, disk space and $$!


  • One backup as your baseline Disaster Recovery strategy
  • Optionally add extra layers of protection for Exchange, SQL and Rsync
  • 2 minute Granular Restore Wizard for files and folders in Guest VMs
View: PDF

The BackupAssist Zip-To-Tape Add-on

Fast compressed backups to tape using the ZIP64 standard open format.


  • Verstile, easy tape backup using the ZIP64 standard
  • Compression, Encryption and Threading
  • Fast, easy restore from tape
View: PDF Applies to v5.3 and later

Centralized Monitoring

Learn how to monitor all your backups from one location using Centralized Monitoring


  • Daily summary email of all client machines
  • Web console for easy management and backup history
  • Printable PDF reports
View: PDF Applies to v5

Windows Imaging

Learn more about Windows Imaging Backups.


  • Windows Imaging on Server 2008 and Windows Vista
  • Media support, media rotation, scheduling and reporting
View: PDF Applies to v5

File Replication Backups

Find out about the new File Replication Engine!


  • Mirror and Backup options
  • Advantages of File Replication backups
View: PDF Applies to v5

Tape Drive Backups

Find out how to make Tape Drive Backups easy!


  • Media support, media rotation, scheduling and reporting
  • Advantages and disadvantages of tape technology
View: PDF Applies to v4 and v5

NAS and SNAP Network Backups

Take the pain out of authenticated backup to Network Attached Storage devices.


  • Media retention and management
  • Ease of setup
  • Detailed and concise reporting
View: PDF Applies to v4 and v5

FTP Server Backups

Store your backups off-site via FTP for improved disaster recovery protection.


  • Multiple protocol support
  • Customized Schemes for comprehensive protection
  • Local and remote storage management
View: PDF | HTML Applies to v4 and v5

External Hard Drive Backups

Join the growing number of people using external USB HDD devices and see how easy it is to backup using BackupAssist.


  • Media tracking for soft ejected and incorrectly removed devices
  • Rotation Schemes specifically designed for HDD backups
  • HTML Email reports with media usage statistics
View: PDF Applies to v4 and v5

Disk Cartridge Backups (REV drive, QuikStor, etc)

Inexpensive and easily transportable, the new disk based cartridge devices like the Iomega REV and Tandberg QuickStor are a popular option amongst small to medium business.


  • Individualized settings for common devices
  • Easy to understand reminders
  • Monitoring of inserted media and full reporting
View: PDF Applies to v4 and v5

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