MultiSite Manager

Simple remote management of your BackupAssist software across a WAN or LAN. Powerful features and advanced functionality for easy remote backups, restores, reports and notifications.


User-friendly web application to remotely manage multiple BackupAssist installations across your WAN or LAN

  • Simple - Manage multiple BackupAssist installations via WAN or LAN from a secure, user-friendly web application
  • Smart - Manage your license requirements for BackupAssist and your Add–ons
  • Rapid - Gain instant access to detailed reports and alerts on the status of each backup job
  • Easy – Administer backup jobs and restores for all your machines from any PC, laptop or server
  • Flexible - Customize and configure email reports tailored to the most important elements of your environment
  • Fast – View the deployed versions of BackupAssist, then quickly update each installation to the latest version

Simple and intuitive user-friendly interface

Configure and monitor BackupAssist across multiple sites quickly and easily. Connect to the web application using any PC, laptop, tablet or server on your WAN or LAN. You’ll benefit from:
  • Easy-to-use web application with familiar BackupAssist layout.
  • Hassle-free options to configure secure connections using HTTPS.
  • Smart display shows both your networks and individual machines for stress free administration.
Easy to use web application

Remotely manage BackupAssist installations

Remote management for backup and restore jobs

Securely manage all your BackupAssist installations across different sites from a central location. Once BackupAssist has been remotely installed, you can use MultiSite Manager to:
  • Add, edit and remove sites.
  • Create and edit backup jobs.
  • Run, disable and pause backup jobs.
  • Restore your data and applications on any site.

View detailed reports on all backup jobs

Access top-level reports or dig deep and gain insight on all backup jobs across every site. With detailed overviews of each individual backup job, you can:
  • Configure reports around what matters to you. Choose options including success / failure alerts, warnings and current status for each backup job.
  • Create daily email reports for all sites or individual sites as required.
  • Have detailed reports emailed to appropriate personnel using a managed recipients list.
  • Opt in to receive BackupAssist license expiration warnings.
Configure detailed reports

View reports and alerts

Receive timely alerts to help avoid potential issues

Avoid potential difficulties before they arise with intuitive alerts and warnings. If backups or restores aren’t performing as expected on any BackupAssist installation, you’ll be informed ahead of time. You can:
  • View alerts for all backup jobs, for both individual sites and entire networks.
  • Select any individual error and directly open the corresponding backup report for that job.
  • Click any error code for direct access to the relevant Knowledgebase article and read more information on how to resolve the issue.
  • Stay informed with all current alerts included in your MultiSite Manager email reports.

Stay up to date with automated email notifications

Your email notifications can be tailored to include much more than just reports. They’ll keep you informed on what’s important across your sites each day. Customize your email notifications to include:
  • Any unseen backup alerts.
  • Your most recent backup jobs and those newly completed in the past 24 hours.
  • Any computers that can’t be contacted by MultiSite Manager.
  • Expired licenses and subscriptions.
Set and manage email notifications

Remotely update licences to the latest version

Remotely update your BackupAssist version

Keep your systems and data protected at all times by remotely updating to the latest version of BackupAssist. With MultiSite Manager you can ensure all your sites are always up-to-date, no matter where you are. You can:
  • Manage the current and deployed version of BackupAssist on each site.
  • Remotely update your BackupAssist version as soon as its released.
  • View what version of BackupAssist each machine is currently running.

Simple licencing requirements

Manage your licensing requirements for BackupAssist across all your sites. With our licensing tab, you can now effortlessly:
  • View the license status of each machine.
  • Enable and disable licenses.
  • Purchase licenses of BackupAssist and Add-ons.
  • Renew your Upgrade Protection for each machine.
Manage your licence requirements

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